Monday, January 8, 2007

Sleaze Ball 0ct 06

The theme of this years Sleaze Ball was Ghetto Fabulous. New Mardi Gras consulted members of the community and this idea was thought of be the most inclusive.
A continuing crisis in the community is how to get young people involved. This event tried top reach out to young people and by and large it was successful. Lots of people there, mainly gay men, and there was a wide distribution of ages.
The shows were sparse in number, a trend in todays cost cutting world. Many featured rap dancers and I saw none of the frocked up drag numbers of the past. Nor was there much flesh on display on stage, something I missed, but there was lots of eye candy to behold just walking around.
The event was deemed a success. I wouldn't argue with that but everything seems sanitized these days. The dinasaur in me longer the sleaze balls of the past which were at least sleazy.

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Adda said...

it was soo good to find ur site/blog
U did photos at my place and wondered wot had happened to the thousands .